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Why trade with our VIP Pump Signals?

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Crypto vip pump signals

What are VIP Pump Signals?

A Pump Signal is a special trading signal on Hotbit that can make 1000% or more in a short amount of time!

VIP Pump Signals Announcement

How to pump on Hotbit?

A full guide on how to easily trade VIP Pump Signals on Hotbit

1. Fund your Hotbit Exchange Account

Add USDT to your Hotbit “SPOT” Wallet to be ready for trading. If you can’t buy USDT directly on Hotbit you can send USDT via TRC20 from every other wallet to Hotbit.

How to buy on Hotbit Exchange via Limit order during a pump signals

2. How to buy on Hotbit?

1) Search for the coin

Go to ‘exchange’ or ‘trade’ if you’re using the Hotbit app. Click the 3 lines in the top left corner, then select ‘Global’. Search for the coin in Global only.

2) Set your Buy Price

Click the top right price section, circled in red, to set your buying price. This ensures you are buying just above market price, so your order is more likely to go through. If the order is not completed, just cancel it and add a new one.

3) Complete the Buy Order

Select the % of your USDT you want to invest (25-100%) and simply click ‘BUY [COIN NAME]’ to make your buy order.

How to sell on Hotbit during a vip pump signal

3. How to sell on Hotbit?

1) Set your Sell Price

Click the top right price section, circled in green, to set your selling price. This means your sell order is just below market price and ensures your order will go through. 

2) Complete the Sell Order

Select 100% and click ‘SELL [COIN NAME]’. Again, if your sell order doesn’t go through quickly this is because the price has already changed past your sell order. Cancel it and create a new one.

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